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Do you own a small business? If so, you have numerous tasks to take care of every day—in fact, your to-do list may seem endless. Whether you’re just starting up a new business venture or you want to take one task off your plate, Ideal Back Office & Tax Services is here to help. We offer thorough payroll services to our clients in the Nashua, NH, area.

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Financial Service Packages

When you work with us, we can give you general payroll services that ensure your employees always get paid the right amount, right on time. We’re happy to take care of every organizational payroll service you need.

We also offer services like bookkeeping and tax preparation return for our small business clients. When you choose an entire package of financial services that includes payroll, you might be able to get a lower price on the same services. At the same time, if you only need payroll services from our company, we’re always willing and able to serve you.<

Simple Payroll Services at a Cost-Effective Price

We want to make payroll services as simple as possible, so we can receive your information via email, or you can use our payroll software to enter the information yourself. Either way, we strive to make the payroll process easy and uncomplicated.

Similarly, when you own a small business, every penny counts. We aim to keep our services affordable so we can save our clients valuable time and money without forcing them to compromise on quality. Our payroll services can range from $50 to $100 each month. The total fee depends on how many employees you have and how frequently they’re paid.

Of course, our $50-100 fee also covers direct deposit charges and payroll tax return filing.

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